How To Have A Fantastic Portable Printers With Minimal Spending

components on the diagram you start to see that there’s a lot of things that can be done with this we’re really talking about printing fro many device to any printer and so the way that we describe that internally is we’ve coined the term print paths these print pads are things that we use internally the test and user QA and development so that we have our heads around all of the different options here and I’ve put a sampling on this slide so everybody can really kind of grasp what it is we’re talking.

About if from thievery first one right there we’re talking about a Windows agent printing just to another windows of printer okay that’s pretty simple you can do that today butler’s start to get down into it what about number five there with an indentation via air print print to a printer that’s connected to the OS agent soothe printer doesn’t have to supportable portable printers but through our virtualization technology which I’ll describe in the next slide we can actually print to that printer without doing any other extra set up but then some of the really cool ones is you get down this list you get to like number.

There so winners agent printing to an i OS agent discovered nob hour printer with the newsagent closed so let me walk you through that first off I installed the simplified printing tux app on my newsagent and when i launched that app discovered airprint compatible printers nearby on my WI-Fe network sprinter over the Bourbon protocol well that’s been made available to me now toll of my other devices so my windows agents seized it and can print to it when I go in my windows app and print to that printer the path to get to that printer.

Is actually through my iPad it doesn’t my iPad doesn’t necessarily need to be on the same network the printer might be at my house where my iPad is at the time and I’m running windows somewhere else what will happen when printed that printer is a push notification will get sent down to helipad and when i hit okay on that push notification on the iPad our app will for granite cell phone the print job will be.