How Drupal Rooms Can Increase Your Profit!

Everyone this is Ronald from blue spark and the idea of the screen cast into give you a quick overview of the main features behind rooms this is based on the just-released one point O version of rooms then what we’re calling production-ready version I already activated the rooms modules and I just did that by going into the the modules page and activating all the relevant rooms modules except the rooms test module which is only required if you are actually doing testing once you’ve activated the modules you’ll get two new options on am clean drupe install you get rooms and store store actually refers to Drupe commerce.

Rooms uses commerce extensively to handle things like check out payment taxes and and soon so let’s go straight into rooms and-see what we can do the main idea behind the rooms is that you have polka ball you meet’s for which you manage availability and pricing and then you can either create bookings via the backed admin interface or users can a book by doing a search for availability and walking through a checkout process sole’s going to book couple units there’s nothing set up this is a clean installation so the first.

Thing we’re going to do is actually create you know types and I’m going to create two types I’m going to create a standard room type we can give this a base price this is the default price unless something else-is defined so just there can define how many people can slip in this room and we have a minimum and maximum to deal with a number of different scenarios we kept a maximum of three and you can also have how many children conga into this room again with minimum sand maximum we’re going to worry about this selecting the description so later so just save that unit type and I’m going to try another type call this a deluxe room give it a base price of come to to and save great so now i have two types of rooms.