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The truth is a laptop has all the same stuff the only thing is that laptop is more compact so your hard drive is smaller the pieces are fit together more tightly and more efficiently so that’s the only difference but the inside of your laptop has the same stuff now your optical discs your hard drive all those things require something called software and that’s the next part of our lesson here now that we’ve learned about the basics of your computer’s hardware let’s take a look at your computer software is a series of instructions or data that is stored electronically on your computer’s hardware at its heart computer.

software is represented as aeries of nos and offs known as binary code in a nutshell the hardware records each on as the number one and each offs the number zero by putting a series of these zeros and ones together in sequence we can give them some meaning for example let’s say but I want to use these two lights to communicate with you let’s say that if both lights are off I’m going to get the instructions to take a nap if I flip the switch and Have first light on and the second light off that tells me to scratch my head if I have the first light off and the second light on that tells me to fold my hands if I have both lights on that-tells.

me to wiggle my nose this method of communication is known as binary code each on or off is a unit of data no one has a bit in the example here we have two bits worth of information each lights one bit for any meaningful data your computer support for epicor prelude usually works with a series of eight bits or more this opens up the possibility is quite a bit having eight bits is equal to a byte I have custom software an example here that can help us elaboration this more here I have a series of eight LED which represents a byte worth of information each LED.

Has an on and off switch when my switch is in the opposition I’m sending the signal as one and when it’s in the off position I’m sending the signal as a zero let’s say Have a keyboard and when I press a key on my keyboard I’m sending a signal to computer about a bytes worth of information when you press the letter Hon your keyboard you’re sending over zero that’s the letter H when I press the letter I I’m sending in zero one one zero one zero zero one now I have I Just said hi hi press on your.